Key Biscayne Neighbors Association launches, first meeting set for June 27

KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. — A newly formed non-profit, non-political organization, the Key Biscayne Neighbors Association (KBNA), is set to host its inaugural meeting on June 27th at 6pm in the Turtle Room at Key Biscayne Village Hall.

The organization filed articles of incorporation effective June 15, 2023, and aims to offer an informative platform for residents, local business representatives, and other stakeholders to discuss various issues concerning their local government and community.

The association, structured similarly to the successful Coral Gables Neighbors Association, endeavors to foster a friendly, caring, and constructive environment for exchanging ideas and information. By addressing matters impacting the village and promoting cooperative actions, the Association hopes to encourage greater community participation in the decisions made at Village Hall.

“We want to be involved in the wonderful community we live in and that we are so proud of,” the Association wrote in an email invitation sent to thousands of Key Biscayne residents.

All residents have been invited and are encouraged to extend the invitation to their friends and neighbors. The inaugural meeting is poised to facilitate conversations around various key issues, fostering a sense of community involvement and engagement.

Tentative items on the meeting’s agenda include an introduction to the association, a discussion on the latest developments concerning the Rickenbacker Causeway, and a workshop on the Village budget.

By cultivating a space for dialogue and community involvement, the Key Biscayne Neighbors Association hopes to become a driving force for positive change and increased citizen participation within the community.

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